Bring the leading e-gifting platform to your market

Leverage our leading platform to create an e-gifting business in your country

Disrupt your home e-gifting market

YAY Moments have a proven track record of disrupting traditional gift card businesses and a high adoption rate in new markets

New way of gifting
  • A unique blend of personalization and choice

    YAY Moments offers rich ways to personalize e-gift cards, but recipients ultimately choose their gift — and they love it!

  • Superior user experience

    Gifting is so easy, opening a gift is a true YAY moment, and redeeming an e-gift cards fussless

  • No plastic. No paper

    YAY Moments is a completely digital solution. That means it’s 100% sustainable — and simple to operate

Quickly onboard merchants and reach new customers
  • Streamlined merchant onboarding

    It takes 10-15 minutes for a merchant to onboard with our self-service platform. That means you can onboard hundreds of merchants in a matter of days.

  • Multi-platform customer experience

    Beyond the web experience, the iOS and Android mobile apps always keep YAY within users’ reach.

  • B2C and B2B

    Businesses make up a big part of gift card sales — that’s why YAY Moments offers a free service for companies to bulk-gift their employees and clients.

Simple to manage. Short time to ROI

Setting up a licensee takes days, and your business runs in a simple and fussless cloud environment.

It just works!

Low initial investment
The low initial investment puts YAY within reach of small and medium entrepreneurs
Streamlined merchant sign-up
It’s simple for merchants to use the self-service platform to onboard and manage their offerings
Capture B2C and B2B markets
YAY For Business makes it easy for businesses to gift and rewards their employees and clients
Simple business model
Merchants pay a small transaction fee for every gift card used
Success team
We support you the whole way to becoming a successful business
Environmentally friendly
No paper, no plastic, no waste. YAY is environmentally conscious

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How long does it take to become a licensee?

Depending on your needs and geography, setting up takes just days. We’ll support you in setting up your business, onboarding your merchants and the go-to-market strategy.

How does YAY support me in starting a successful licensee?

We are with you all the way. Our expert team will lead you, and you will get all the guidance you need to open YAY in your market.

Who is YAY?

YAY Moments, founded in Iceland, is an innovative e-gifting platform that simplifies expressing appreciation. Collaborating with global partners, we strive to enhance the experience of showing gratitude by leveraging state-of-the-art technology without compromising the personal touch.

Our aim is to create practical, enjoyable, and delightful experiences that foster meaningful connections.

Now is the time to start a business in digital gift card services

We encourage you to reach out to us to explore the potential opportunities of becoming a YAY Moments licensee

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